Italian focaccia // 24 NIS
olive oil, coarse salt, rosemary, accompanied by olive oil balsamic and tomato dip

Baladi Eggplant // 44 NIS
Roasted on open fire, comes out with tahini and spicy tomato salad 

Caprese Salad // 46 NIS
Colorful Tomato Mix, Basil Leaves, Buffalo Mozzarella Tears, Red Balsamic, Kalamata Olives 

Grape leaves // 48 NIS
Stuffed rice on cziki bedding 

Grape leaves // 50 NIS
Stuffed meat on a bed of grinding, packing and pickled lemon

Supra salad // 52 NIS
cucumber, cherry, radish, red onion, sunflower seeds, almonds, basil, refined feta fragments

A little different mushrooms // 54 NIS
mushroom mix, white wine, garlic, butter, Turkish spinach, thyme, parmesan 

Beef carpaccio // 56 NIS
arugula, radish, moist tomatoes, candied almonds, spicy chilli, olive oil, balsamic

Vegetable Plate // 58 NIS
Vegetables in a variety of colors accompanied by mustard vinaigrette 

Chicken fillet in style // 60 NIS
fresh herbs, crackers and cranberries 

Intermediate dishes

Chiboraki // 48 NIS
Meat pastry with tomato salsa and white tahini

Khachpuri // 62 NIS
Cheese and egg / spinach accompanied by tomato salsa

Kiwski // 58 NIS
Chicken breast filled with herbs served with a personal salad and salsa sauce

Corza // 62 NIS
dough slices filled with meat accompanied by tomato salsa

Main Courses

Linguini Beetroot // 68 NIS
Herbs and Tomato Butter

Arais // 68 NIS
Beef Stuffed Pita, Goose Fat, Along with Tomato Salsa, Amber Grinding, Arisa

Mediterranean kebab // 78 NIS
served on mashwia, chickpeas and tahini

Goose burger // 82 NIS
sweet bun, beef and goose mixture, onion jam, iceberg, pickles, tomato, fistful of fries

Salmon Fish // 98 NIS
Wrapped in Asian Root and Velvet Mashed Potatoes

Entrecote steak // 128 NIS
fine entrecote, bonfire / potato supplement

Meat plate for three // 380 NIS
fine entrecote, Chicken fillet, mediterranean kebab, arais